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Syed Rahman

With more than 9 years of business experience as a student and migration agency, PACE MIGRATION & EDUCATION CONSULTANCY (PACE) has achieved its ambition which is to provide professional counseling and information to international students, by providing suitable study plans and appropriate guidelines from the commencement of their study till getting Permanent Residency or reaching career goals in Australia. We also take great responsibility and dedication to assist eligible candidates for various skills required for Australia.

We are different from our competitors here in Australia and abroad as we provide ethical and professional services at competitive rates with easy installment payment options. PACE is renowned not only for the remarkable visa results and customer service it offers to its clients, but also for being a reliable source of information about migration in Australia, presented in clear plain language and helping individuals and businesses make informed decisions and keep updated with the constant changing migration policies of Australia. You can be assured that our standard of practice is bound by the strict regulation of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARN: 0745684). As a registered migration agent (RMA), we have sound knowledge of migration procedures and our activities are being monitored by MARA which was established by the Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) to ensure that RMA’s act in a professional and ethical way.

We are a proud member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) since 2007 Membership No: 2987 and active member of Migration Alliance (MA). MIA and MA are leading professional bodies which provide us competitive advantage not only for its professional support but also for CPD (Continuing Professional Development). We are a subscriber of LEGENDCOM (electronic Migration Law Library) through which we get a complete legislative framework including current updates which create opportunity to provide efficient services to our clients. PACE staff are active participants in forums, professional networks and other outlets, bringing accurate and updated migration information to people and businesses.


PACE would achieve its goals by providing ethical and cost effective solutions ensuring excellent customer service and satisfaction.


To be famed as one of the most reliable and professional Education and Migration Agents both in Australia and in the Philippines.

Are there benefits in appointing a Migration Agent?

  • Registered Migration Agent (RMA) knows the complexities of the migration law
  • We know how to best prepare, compile and present your case with the Department of Immigration to ensure the best possible opportunity for a visa grant
  • We undertake the responsibility of communicating with DIBP during and after the visa lodgement
  • We are updated with legislation and requirements of DIBP that are crucial for the success of the visa application
  • RMA s have access to information not available to general public
  • If we make mistakes, we may lose our registration which obliged us to meet the strict criteria set out by MARA. Agents not registered are not bound by these policies which give them the freedom to conduct unprofessionally and unethically.

what we offer


Academic and Career advice
Offer Letter and COE
RPL (credit transfer)
Job Placement
Student Visa
Visa Extension


Eligibility Assessment
Skills Assessment
General Skills Migration
Employer Nominated Migration
Family Migration
Training Visa
Work & Holiday Visa


Business Talent SC132 (PR)
Business Innovation and Investment SC188 (TR) and SC888 (PR)
State Sponsored Business Owner visa SC892 (PR)
State Sponsored Investor visa subclass 893 (PR)
Business Owner SC890 (PR)
Business Investor SC891 (PR)

Our Team Members

  • Mr Syed Mizanur Rahman
    Director and Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 0745684) Mr. Rahman has attained a Post Graduate Certificate in Australian...
  • Miss Patricia Carrasco Sancho
    Marketing and Administration Officer Miss Patricia Carrasco has a Bachelor degree in Advertising and Marketing and Master...
  • Mr Ricardo Villegas
    Business Development Manager Mr. Villegas has attained a Master’s of Law with a High Distinction from the...
  • Anna Teresa Generol
    Ms Generol has a Bachelor degree in Business Management and is currently doing her Master in Business...
  • Ms. Myra Castillo
    Miss Castillo has a double degree of Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology and Bachelor of Science...
  • Nusrat J. Khan
    Achieving Bachelor of Commerce Nusrat has an in-depth knowledge of how companies work in order to ensure...